Lycos I miss you, I love you...come back!

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The Lycos Search Engine Is Not Out Of The Game Yet - While Lycos is not considered a major player among search engines, this older, shall we say legacy, search engine is still very popular with some people (believe it or not). The Lycos search engine still features an advanced search setting as well as parental controls to keep the little ones safe while surfing the net, as well as many other tools and tutorials for those wishing to obtain a better search engine positioning or search engine listing. Probably one of the only search engines that actually gives out hints and tips in this way

InSite, was an online business that was once owned and operated by Lycos, advertised itself as offering 'Smart, Cost Effective Search Engine Marketing.' Through this business, Lycos was able to provide users with numerous search engine marketing tools, many of which would help to improve their Lycos search engine positioning. Having a Lycos search engine listing can afford you the opportunity to increase traffic to your website at a minimal cost, and it also offered many low cost tools like AdBuyer and Bid Manager.

Even though Lycos does not have a submission service where users can request a search engine listing, they do still offer advertising tools to enhance their visibility such as pay-per-click.

Also, users of Lycos are always raving about the family of sites owned and operated by Lycos including Hotbot, Tripod and Angelfire. These sites can also be utilized to improve your search engine positioning by providing more extensive exposure for your site.

Lycos is continuing to grow (even these days of heavy dominance by the 3 main search engines), and with all of their advertising options, getting a good search engine listing will mean positive things for your website. The Lycos search engine is user friendly, easy to navigate, and contains everything someone would need all in one convenient location. Lycos, Inc. has a done agreat job of putting together a search engine that is straight forward for both the general user as well as the webmaster. Talks about myself as a third person; Haley loves Lycos and it is still at the very heart of my won search engine positioning plan. Love Lycos, Love me....Haley

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Lycos search engine positioning should still be part of your plan bloggers!