My Life and My Love of Travel.

Hi all,

I'm an international girl of ministry, I mean mystery. I've traveled and lived all over the world since I was a miniature Haley. I've lived in New York City, London, Geneva, Dubai, Moscow, and now Hong Kong spreading the word of spirituality, movies, love, politics, gadgets and anything you can think of! I love other cultures and love life! I only have about 90 years left on Earth for this lifetime and life is short - not enough time to do all the things I want. I love so many things - I find God in everything I enjoy - people, things, music, movies, countries, cultures, food. There is too much to love and I love sharing my knowledge and appreciation for everyone to hopefully learn to enjoy what the world has to offer rather than focusing on the negative. Grumps stay out!

As much as I love visiting countries on holidays, it's sometimes hard to grasp a culture in a week visit under a tight itinerary. So this is why I prefer to move to other countries to really have time to absorb the culture rather than rushing through a country on a short holiday break. I can get all that from a youtube video anyway. I see myself as an astronaut of the Earth - no need to visit other universes or planets because Earth is so vast to explore. I've only managed to see a small percentage of the world so far - just seen USA, Canada, Argentina, Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Middle East, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines and a bunch more! I feel that time is running out and I still havent seen a lot! Hard to travel and work. Gotta pay the bills so time is hard to manage for travels but I try to travel when I can. I hope to share you my upcoming adventures in places I live or explore. And Im happy to share those places that locals know - not always listed in the travel books!

Read me, I am all you need....Haley Duster signing off.