Looking for contextual advertising, want to know what are contextual adverts?

Understanding Contextual Advertising -Contextual advertising is a phrase that refers to advertising that appears on websites that is automatically generated as to the content that appears on the page. Companies like "Google AdSense" capitalize on contextual advertising by having users place ads on their web pages. The ads automatically update in terms of the content on the page, making them entirely contextual and not necessarily random but rather closely related to the current page's content.

In the case of AdSense, a bot generates the code that creates the ads and continues to make them relevant to the page's content by indexing the page for keywords and other relevant pieces. Many people are still asking the question: what are contextual adverts?

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They learn quickly, however, when they discover that the revenue earned from context ads can be quite significant depending on the traffic of your page and it generally only takes a few clicks to cover bandwidth costs and such. Due to the fact that the ads are relevant, they are more likely to get clicked by visitors to a specific web page. This helps in generating more income per click.

In fact, a large part of Google's overall revenue comes from the use of AdSense contextual advertising. Contextual ads are everywhere on the internet and can be integrated into your web page by following a simple set of instructions that actually gives you a reasonable amount of control over the ads. You can choose where you wish the ads to be placed and how you want them to appear by selecting a variety of options. In the case of Google AdSense, the ads are placed using HTML code and are augmented to fit your web site. They are not typically in the form of pop-up adverts or other annoyances from the internet and are generally aesthetically pleasing as ads go.- Website banner advertising is a technique used when online advertising first became more popular.

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