Adclerks Alternative Reviews

Ok so I used Adclerks for some time so I think I'm qualified to write a review on their system and the alternatives they provide to more mainstream advertising and promotion systems for smaller webmasters and bloggers.

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Adclerks sells itself as a smaller version of lets say Buysellads, and when you read the reviews of Adclerks on other websites you might find differing opinions. Some complain of low hits, not enough visitors etc. but lets be honest its all about the type of website you have, where you decide to advertise and your ultimate determination of whether the Adclerks alternative really works for you.

I have read some reviews of Adclerks where an advertiser may comment that they did not receive a very good ROI in terms of visitors turning into customers, but again lets look at this logically; if the website in question did not have any products or services that the visitor wanted to buy then why would they. When looking at alternative advertising platforms such as Adclerks you really need to firstly come to the determination of whether your product or service sells. And then take it from there.

Now why do people turn to the Adclerks alternative over lets say Buysellads? Well for one they are far cheaper, the average cost of advertising on Adclerks marketplace sites can at times be roughly 50% to 75% lower in cost then getting the banner space with Buysellads. So that in itself sets it apart.

But will you get the same amount of visitors? Well lets be honest, 'Who Knows!'. Adclerks use a smooth system for setting everything up, so you can get your banner space up and running relatively quickly and it really does not matter where your business is based. It could be the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or even Hong Kong - if you have got something worth selling, that people want to buy then you can certainly consider Adclerks as the alternative to Buysellads.

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Give Adclerks a try and ignore the other reviews.....for now.