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Better search engine results come with personalization in search engine results.

Personalized results have an effect on search engine rankings.

The search results people get are now personalized! No one sees the exact same results as others anymore. T

he Internet surfer's location, their browsing history, the sites that they connected to and many other factors can affect the type of listings they see online. For instance, when a person is logged in to Gmail, they are more likely to get personalized results and the ones who aren't will get the more generic listings.

To see the real search engine ranking, without the personalization, is easy. All that's needed is to switch to private browsing. Turning on private browsing means the browser will prevent itself from storing any data that would usually determine the personalized results.

Without the stored data, it's easier to see the real search engine rankings as it shows the generic results. Unfortunately, personalized results have the ability to make websites' search engine ranking seem lower.

There is no easy way to get around it. The best thing to do is to make sure the web page contains a lot of related keywords rather than focusing on a specific keyword. Personalization can benefit the users, but maybe not the website owners trying to get better search engine rankings.

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