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LIVE Yearly Plan With 500+ Top 3 Search Engine Rankings For 1 Year

6 Months Of Top 3 Rankings For FREEThe Medream LIVE Yearly plan includes 6 months of service completely free of charge. Whilst you will pay only one low price for 6 months of top 3 search engine rankings, we will be providing you with the second 6 months of 1st page positioning completely free of charge, only with the LIVE Yearly plan. Included
LIVE Dedicated Representative Every Single Month Looking After You For 1 YearA dedicated Medream LIVE representative will be fully responsible for your entire top 3 search engine ranking campaign, providing you with a priority LIVE support contact account so that you can reach us every single day of the year, with no exceptions. We give you 1 year of results and 6 months FREE. Included
500+ Top 3 Search Engine Ranking Work GuaranteeWe guarantee to refund you in full should we not attain over 500+ multiple top 3 and 1st page ranking placements across all major search engines once your 1st page positioning has been attained. Utilizing the skills of our in house website marketing analysts, we will rank your website in both the top 3 and the 1st page result listings of all of the following global search engines, with a full 100% refund guarantee; Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing!, Lycos, AOL, Excite, Baidu, Infospace, Hotbot, AskJeeves, Info.com, Dogpile and many more search engines in the country of your choice, whether this be the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia or elsewhere; we place your website in the top 3 and the 1st page of all search engines in your country, or worldwide should you choose. As part of your LIVE top 3 search engine ranking plan we will achieve the majority of top 3 and 1st page rankings upon the 1st refresh. Included
New Potential CustomersWe are that confident of our success we guarantee that within just 10 days of your top 3 rankings being achieved we will have begun an internet advertising campaign that will send your website; brand new potential customers and visitors, all directly from an-off site means of achieving guaranteed new visitors. Included
Commercial Video PresentationWe will create a feature rich online commercial for your website, to drive it to new visibility heights. We will capture the very elements of your services and products that need to make sales, and will have it professionally produced online. Not only this, but as per your requirements we can then have it featured on the very 1st page of YouTube, Google Videos, DailyMotion, MySpace and multiple other social networking sites, ensuring that your website always stays one step ahead of its competitors. We can also have your website featured in Twitter, within just days and advertised right across Facebook as an additional separate upgrade, that you can choose to add-on at anytime over the course of your year plan. Included
48 Hour Guaranteed ListingWe guarantee to get your website listed in Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing!, Lycos, AOL, Excite, Baidu, Infospace, Hotbot, ixQuick, AskJeeves, Info.com, Dogpile and in every major search engine throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Asia within 48 hours of you making payment. This service is fully guaranteed, or your money back. We will also submit and have your website listed at the very top of the search engines in the countries that make the most sense to your business, for example; if you want to just be listed and seen by customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or indeed any country, you simply state this after purchase and we will target your campaign to guarantee top 3 and 1st page listings in the countries search engines of your choice. We can also rank you top 3 for cities/counties you choose. Included
72 Hour RefreshingYour website will be refreshed within most of the search engines listed as part of this package, as a maximum, approximately every 72 hours, ensuring your updated content is available 24 hours a day, every day. We will use advanced technology that not only submits your website, but also categorizes it for those engines that feature unique categorization methods, and at the same time ensure that the search engines will continually re-visit your site. This is what makes our listing service stand out from the crowd. Included
Online Media ContactsWe have access to many media outlets across the world. A professional writer will create and then submit a unique press release covering the qualities of your website by both FAX and EMAIL to specific and targeted offline and online media in an attempt to gain you exclusive press coverage. Fully inclusive as part of the top 3 ranking plan, we attempt to gain massive visibility for your website starting in days. Included
Full Search Engine OptimizationWe use advanced technology to fully analyze and optimize your website. A professional MedreamLIVE analyst will determine exactly how we can get your website placed higher in global search engines. We will then give you direct access to exclusive online reports analyzing your specific website from a secured area of MedreamLIVE.com, which will help us achieve maximum positioning for your website on the largest internet search engines in the world today; guaranteed to be complete within days. Included
Keyword AnalysisWe will use keyword technology to determine the most popular search terms people all over the world are using to find websites just like yours. Whatever your content, we will provide you with an exclusive list of keywords and key-phrases to include in your website pages so as to achieve guaranteed top 3 rankings in the most important major search engines, backed by a full refund guarantee. Included
Your Major CompetitionAs part of this ranking campaign we can target almost any country, region or continent across the globe. If you wish to target only customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong or any other country that you can think of, we can organize implementation within just days. Perhaps you would like to be geo-selective and target the USA, Canada and UK or maybe the USA, Australia and UK. Whatever your online marketing requirements, we can now fulfil your needs in just a few days. Further, we can be even more specific and target only customers in either individual or multiple cities and states, for example New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, or London, Hong Kong and Paris. You can be certain that we can now specify and target whoever and wherever your new customers are, right across the world. Included
Website Ranking PositionAs part of this package we will firstly provide you with full and exclusive site ranking reports once all the initial top 3 and 1st page search engine positioning has been attained across all of the major search engines. We can also furnish you with full country and local/worldwide statistical reporting pertaining to all 1st page rankings, so you know exactly where you are, above your competitors. Included
Your Keyword RequestIf you would like specific keywords to be used to locate your website within all of the major search engines, you will be provided with the opportunity to provide these details after your payment. Our analysts will then use a variation of these keywords to guarantee you over 500+ 1st page rankings and will undertake full analysis of your website, those of your nearest competitors and the market for your products and service - to get your website into top 3 search engine rankings quickly, and guaranteed. Included
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